The Children Come First is a non-profit organization, 501c(3), dedicated to the
health and well being of children who are at risk, and/or in temporary foster
care placement.  We have created this foundation in response to the incredible
need of the children that are in our own neighborhoods.  We are a licensed
foster home with the State of California, working closely with Child Protective
Services, the County of Ventura  and Kids and Families Together  to provide
more than basic needs of these children.

I am an adoptive parent of three of these children.   My Son, Justin was in the
foster care system for the first 3 years of his life.    During that time he was
taken from his birth mother due to neglect and substance abuse.  He survived
in hostile and abusive environments bouncing through four foster homes in
those short years, one in which he was burned with boiling water from the
stove top.  I  was blessed to escape many steps for the second and third child,
as they were placed with me when they were only 2 days old.

WE DO WHAT WE DO.  Watch and Listen carefully.  THIS
does happen, even here in our affluent neighborhoods,  this
could be your neighbors and no one wants to talk about it
No child deserve this treatment.

I found Justin and took him into my life with all of his background when he
was only 3 ½ years old.  With the help of my family and friends, my son, now
23 years old, has become a loving, secure, well-adjusted young man.  With
Love, nurturing care in a family environment,  and a great deal of effort,  he has
overcome his early life traumas.  He Attending Moorpark College, A fill time
Barista with the Starbucks Company, and Teaching Dance.

Whether it be from professionals in our community,  or from adult children that
have been in  " the system" , we know that  one of the most important  things
that children  “in the foster care system” truly lack,  is a caring, nurturing,
hands on
family environment to stabilize their lives.  We cannot stand on the
sidelines any longer and watch them cry because they are hungry or have
been physically, mentally or sexually abused and/or prenatally exposed to
drugs and alcohol.   We have therefore completed college courses and
licensing to become a licensed foster home for our kids.  To do nothing is
irresponsible on our part.

With your help, our goal is to change any negative connotations that come
with being in the Foster Care System, and to provide children with a safe,
nurturing, self esteem building, family environment where they can grow to
see that there are people who they can trust and who genuinely care.

We need your help right away!  The Children Come First, with the support of
our donors, will initially provide children with the safety of a loving home,
nourishing food, clean clothing, shoes, school supplies and proper medical
and psychological treatment, as necessary.
 More than just the basics!

Most of all, the hands on love and support that every child deserves.

In creating this Foundation,
Phase #1 is to raise enough money to secure a
piece of property to build the Children an extraordinary home.

Accomplished !!

We are also working with other foster parents to provide:  Clothes, Shoes,
Strollers, Cribs, Car seats, Playpens, Safe toys, Beds, Sheets, Blankets,
Pillows Diapers, Suitcases, Braces (Medic-cal will not provide), Tutoring and

The County programs just do not have the resources to provide all that is
needed, because there are several hundred children in the “System”.   We will
provide them with a safe home, sit down dinner with the family, loving help
with homework, a room of their own, and a promise that they will not be left
alone with their feelings.  If they choose so, they will be a part of our lives
forever,  as extended family.  We pledge to them that if they are reunited with
their birth families, or in a permanent adoptive placement, we will always be
there for them.

The Foundation also wishes to create endowment care, and college funds for
these youngsters who are moved out of the system when they reach age 18.  
At that age, whose children are able, without support and oversight, to create
productive lives, relationships, and achieve their highest potential?  The
children that we have helped belong to our family and we do not wish to let
them down at this precarious age.

Even though the economy is not  “great” at this time, NOTHING has ever been
“great” for these kids. If we can make a difference now, the possibilities are
limitless.   PLEASE, Help us help them.                                                                    
Give Generously.  Pledge your tax-deductible donation                            

For More Information and to make Donations, Please Call
Bill Formanek, Executive Director          
Why we started our Foundation.  How and why we
plan to change the lives of our children.
There are no paid positions in our foundation.  Every dollar is used to
provide MORE than just the basics for the children.
We are excited to have the
Conejo Association of
Professional Interior
Designers come and make
over this home to  create
more bedrooms, so that our
goal of keeping sibling
groups together becomes a
reality.  The engineering is
done and plans are ready to
go to the city.
**** Advisory Committee ****
Mrs. Janet Gretzky                 Mrs. Beverly Dallas