**** Advisory Committee ****
Mrs. Janet Gretzky                 Mrs. Beverly Dallas
It is time for us to give back to our own communities !!!
Created specifically to make the lives of Children in the Foster Care System,
and Foster Families better.
We are dedicated to help change the negative connotations of being a Child
in the Foster Care System.  Showing the children that they are not
second-class citizens. Providing them with a nurturing FAMILY
environment, and helping them to understand that it is not their fault.
The Children Come First
Please make your Tax Deductible donation payable to:

The Children Come First, Inc.
2890 Thousand Oaks Blvd.
Thousand Oaks, California  91362
Tax ID#   26-3430408
There are no paid positions in our foundation.  Every dollar is
used to provide MORE than just the basics for the children.
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You
After 9 months of waiting, in and out of escrow 3 separate
times, and many "No's",  We were able to raise $76,000.00
which was enough to purchase our first property with LAND
for the children.  Please check our "Watch Us Grow" page
for an up to date photo diary of where we will start the
transformation to create an extraordinary home for siblings,
and a full list of everyone that will be donating their time and
materials to make this happen.
The Facts speak for themselves !!!!
The Critical Need Continues…In one month,
There were
899 children in out of home placement
301 children were in foster care placements
369 children were in kinship/relative care placements.
100 children in guardian homes
14 finalized adoptions (91 Fiscal year to date)
79 children remained in group homes
51% of siblings are separated from each other !!!!
We welcomed only 2 new foster homes into the CFS family.